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Note: Resources below this note are in Japanese, and are included for reference purposes

Reverse Reference

  • enchant.js Super 100 tips reverse reference created by phi. There are many samples and fundamental references such as “Generate Entity and add the scene”,”Move the Sprite using virtual pad”.
  • enchant.js How To Use Dictionary (v0.4.3) Instruction and dictionary created by openspc. There are many useful samples such as “How to bounce a ball with a puddle like squash or Breakout”,”How to scroll the surface of the land endlessly like Xevious”, etc.


Interpretation Articles


ASCII regular feature articles. Based on v0.5.

“Create Game in 9 minute with enchant.js” by blankblank is also available on Nikkei Software starting July 2012 edition. For your reference if you want to get the back number.

idea x idea

Articles published during the release period (v0.3).

Articles published during the release period (v0.3).

Animation Engine


Based on v0.3.

Explanation article regarding enchant.js base Japanese script language “Atlas X”

other references


Dot Install

Programming learning guide (movie)



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