Publications of enchant.js

NEW – HTML5 Games with Enchant.js

  • Authors: Brandon McInnis, Ryo Shimizu, Furukawa Hidekazu, Ryohei Fushimi, Ryo Tanaka, Kevin Kratzer
  • APress (5/15/2013)
  • amazon APress (Apress has the book available now as part of their Alpha Program!)
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    *Note: The publications listed below are in Japanese.

    A Course on Smartphone Game Development with enchant.js (Pro edition)

    enchant.js Developer’s Recipes – Learn the essentials of PC and smartphone game development with 115 recipes

    A Primer for Starting with enchant.js from Zero

    • Authors: Furukawa Hidekazu, Ryohei Fushimi, Ryo Tanaka
    • ASCII Media Works (2/18/2011)
    • amazon Rakuten Books

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