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enchant.js v0.5.1 がリリースされました。

  • features
    • Rearrange unit tests
    • Introduce grunt.js and separate source file into individual class file. Now you can build enchant.js with “grunt” command. See if you don’t have grunt.js.
    • Add Map#checkTile
    • Add EventTarget#on (synonym for addEventListener)
  • bugfix
    • Entity#intersect, #within between entities in different groups (issue #77)
    • Remove zerodiv on calculating background-position (issue #70)
    • Sound support for iPhone while using nineleap.enchant.js
    • Fix plugin namespace structure in avatar.enchant.js
    • Remove Math.round from tween method in tl.enchant.js (enables to use tl.enchant.js with 3D context)
    • Fix source code style to pass jshint

Available on github. Enjoy!

Notice: Next version of enchant.js (maybe v0.5.2) is planned to switch rendering engine from DOM based to Canvas based. This feature is under development on features/canvasbased branch on github.

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