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We’ve set up an official enchant.js User Google Group and enchant.js Subreddit!

About the enchant.js Google and Reddit User Groups
These communities are meant for users of enchant.js to be able to communicate with other users of the engine. Currently the Google Group is populated mostly by Japanese users, and the subreddit by English users. They are meant not only for programmers and designers, but also novices and those with an interest in enchant.js. They’re not meant to be places just for technical support, but also for posting notices of events relating to enchant.js or game development. For specific help on the engine, please post to these groups instead of contacting us directly.
Members of the dev team do frequent these groups, and will answer questions there.
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For bugs or issues with the engine, please make a post to the issue tracker on github.
Although you may see many posts in Japanese, the developers will respond in English if you make a post in english on the tracker.

Before Posting
Check the official site and past posts on the user groups, and take  a look at the API documentation in regards to the feature of enchant.js you are working with. If you’re still having issues, or you believe there is a bug, please post to the user groups (in case of usage questions) or the issue tracker (in the case of a bug).


Thank you!
-the enchant.js dev team

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